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8 Exposures...with Amanda Mason

Patrick Tobin, | Sep 17, 12:00 PM

Welcome back to 8 Exposures, our popular instant film Q&A series. This week, we are happy to bring you Australian designer and photographer Amanda Mason

1) What kind of Polaroid camera(s) do you use?

I primarily use my folding SX-70 original and an SLR 680. If I was onboard a sinking ship and had to start throwing all my cameras overboard, I would go down with these two. I think they are design masterpieces capable of producing simply lovely images.

2) Why do you like instant photography?

I adore the dreamlike nature of the film. All instant film creates a nostalgic, other-worldly, soft toned patina. It is a dreamy little world that I want to live in all the time. Everytime I shoot instant film I am drawn into another dimension straight away. Everytime I see an instant photograph I feel like I am looking at a memory. Of course having the photograph in your hands in a matter of minutes is quite nice too.

3) What is your earliest memory of instant film?

My earliest memory of instant film is my grandmothers Polaroid camera. As kids we were absolutely fascinated by integral film, the magic of it all. She used that camera as her everyday camera, we still have those Polaroids in our family album. I bought my first Polaroid camera when I was 16. I paid $5 at a flea market for an EE 100 which i still have. I am now going to pass on that magic to my children.

4) What’s your favorite Impossible film type?

My favourite Impossible films would probably be PX 70 Push for its gorgeous pink tones, PX 600 Silver Shade UV+ for its lovely black and white tones and PX 680 Color Shade for its wonderfully nostalgic colours.
It is actually hard to pick a favourite though, they all offer a different quality that suits particular subjects or moods.

5) What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

I love to create and shoot little scenarios, little whimsical worlds which express something I am feeling or dreaming about. They are usually a bit twisted or distorted and the quality of instant film really enhances this.

6) Tell us about a project you’re working on.

I am currently working on having an exhibition of Polaroids in Sydney. I am also working on a new series of photographs of some pretty twisted specimens that I have created.
An ongoing project is my Polaroid cushions. I began printing my polaroid images onto fabric, and creating cushions from them. I started doing it for myself as I wanted a few around the house, but then they have become quite popular, so I am constantly making these now to sell to people and on Etsy.

7) Who are your favorite photographers, instant or otherwise?

I am constantly amazed and fall in love with the work of Robert and Shana Parke-Harrison. Exquisitely beautiful, rich, narrative focused and creative work that inspires me greatly.

There are so many inspiring instant photographers, and you only need to participate in Roid Week to be blown away by all the instant talent, but I guess my all time favourites are Dan Ryan, The Gentleman Amateur, Ludwig West and Neil Krug, who always seem tell such a story with their images.

8) If you could take a photo of anyone or anything what would it be?

The extinct (or is it?) Tasmanian Tiger.

About Amanda

I am a freelance photographer and designer from Sydney, Australia.

To see more of Amanda’s photography, please visit her Flickr photostream. You can also follow her on Twitter at @amamason.

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