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Artist in Residence: Phil V

Josie Keefe, | Jul 18, 09:05 PM

By Phil V

For this installation of Artist in Residence we check in with Phil V, the latest artist showing in Impossible’s New York Project Space as part of our 212 Impossibles exhibition series.

“I chose to start shooting with Impossible to capture everyday moments, without being too technical. Even though the actual Polaroid camera is a complex device, shooting is very straight up and direct. Besides having to measure how much light you’ll need per shot, exactly what you shoot is what you get. Based on my experiences so far, being that we basically pay per shot, it makes me appreciate what I’m shooting and how I’m shooting it way more than if I was shooting with a digital camera. There’s a certain value behind every single shot.

Artistically I feel I am in complete control when I am shooting with Impossible. It’s been a learning experience on how to use light accordingly but what you shoot is truly what you get. As you look through the viewfinder, you’re boxing in exactly what you want to capture. When I shoot people I like to shoot close up, with little use for whatever else is around them. Digital, I feel gives you too many options, even though that can be very beneficial in certain situations. If I’m focusing on a certain object or person, I want to make sure it fills the frame rather than have it drowned out by whatever surrounds it. There is more of an intense relationship with what I’m shooting, allowing me to express my vision almost perfectly. The frame around the image creates an even more focused connection, allowing it to be written on. The border serves as a canvas to further express a vision.

Being in New York City, there is subject matter literally everywhere you turn, whether it is scenic, a living person or an object. Lately I’ve really enjoyed shooting portraits of people. Coinciding with another project I’m working on, I’ve been capturing different artists and their work on with my Polaroid on Impossible film. Painters, Musicians, designers, photographers, models etc. There’s a certain connection and energy creators carry which draws me to them. Other than that project, I like to capture natural everyday moments, people and scenery. Certain things in NYC instantly catch my attention and certain moments between the people I’m closest with are organically captured.

The elements that make up Impossible film are truly organic. From its colors to the fact that it’s a tangible good, every picture is truly unique in its own way. I’m not against digital images in any way shape or form but it’s a completely different experience. Every picture has its own feeling, its own meaning, and its own aura. Even if the emulsion can be manipulated. Every shot is truly special. As technology evolves, I will forever continue to shoot with Impossible. Not only because I appreciate tangible aspect but because the connection between the subject and I is like no other. It’s more than just a picture when you’re able to connect with the subject, whether it’s a person or not.”

Phil’s images will be on view in our New York Project Space for a month starting today. Come by and check them out or read his new column at Frank 151

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