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Back In Stock - Spectra Spectacular Kits!

Patrick Tobin, | Nov 5, 03:00 PM

That’s right! We now have the popular Spectra Spectacular Camera Kits back in stock in the US Online Shop. Each kit comes with a refurbished Spectra camera, 1 pack of PZ 680 Color Shade film and 1 pack of PZ 600 Silver Shade UV+ film.

First introduced in 1986, Spectra cameras offer a wider frame, so you can include more friends, puppies, motorcycles, or whatever you like to photograph in each frame. Spectra cameras also feature sonar autofocus, so you can get the sharpest image possible.

People have been going wild for PZ 680’s unique tonal range and colors. Get a kit for yourself and see what everyone is talking about!

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