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David Sankey - The Queerest Old Quaker

Patrick Tobin, | Nov 20, 04:00 PM

New York-based graphic designer and musician David Sankey recently released his first album under the name The Queerest Old Quaker. The album artwork features an image taken with Impossible’s PX 70 Color Shade film. We asked David to tell us a little about the album and his experience with Impossible film.

“The Queerest Old Quaker project and this first album are the result of several years of casual songwriting, but it wasn’t until early this summer that these songs began to develop a relationship to one another. I recorded most of the instrumentation in my bedroom here in New York and then had my sister, Rebekah Sankey, work out some harmonies. Her boyfriend, Vincent Castoro, recorded our vocals. They’re both incredible musicians. The result is a short collection of what I guess are folk-ish songs. It’s hard for me to get any objective perspective on it, but it felt natural coming out of me, like the kind of music I ought to be writing.

When it came to the album art, I had a very different image in mind that I was playing with for some time. It was a digital photo, heavily retouched, and in the end it wasn’t sitting well with me. I’m an illustrator and visual artist first, but I’m content creating things of all different kinds. Music, drawings, photography, etc. all feel like they come from the same place. I was scanning a couple of photos I had taken with an SX-70 Model 2 and PX 70 film, and something clicked and I started associating those kinds of images with the music. I found one I liked very much for the cover, and a close runner-up became the background of the website ( The warmth and understated quality of the film mirrored a sensibility I was hoping to capture in the songs. I’ve been shooting instant for only a few years; I got into it just before IMPOSSIBLE got started. Great timing for me! I couldn’t be happier with some of the pieces I’ve been able to produce.”

The Queerest Old Quaker was released on November 15th, 2011. Purchase your copy at

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