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Dr. Love's Tips - Swapping Film Doors

Patrick Tobin, | Dec 27, 05:03 PM

The good doctor.

Door Swapping: Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Frankenroid…

Several of you have asked about swapping the doors on either your SX-70s or SLR 680s. Some of you either have rollers issues, or in response to the undeveloped patch, are looking to put the door of an older SX-70 onto the body of a 680 in order to help reduce the appearance of the ‘patch’ (SX-70s generally have tighter rollers).

In order to take the door off your camera, first you open your camera, then open the door itself and hold the camera in your right hand with the front facing your left. Make sure you don’t have a pack of film inside! With your left index finger, find the hinge of the door that is furthest from you and apply pressure on the hinge towards yourself. While doing this, pull that side of the door outward. You’ll notice the hinge is merely on a little metal nub, and the pressure raises it off the nub allowing that side to come free, now the other hinge closer to you should lift off the nub and slide out from the camera as well.

All you have to do now is pick the door you want to put on the camera. Note that these doors can only be swapped between folding style cameras, no plastic unibody SX-70 or 600 cameras.

To put a door on a camera, you’ll be doing the exact same actions, simply in reverse. So start with the hinge closest to yourself, and thread the hinge between the body and that protruding metal piece, line the hole up over the nub, and again apply some pressure to the far hinge to get it inside the camera and the hinge onto its corresponding nub.

There’s typically a bit of a snap when it gets into place, and there shouldn’t be any tension or wiggle room to the door if on correctly, it should simply swing freely. Note the images here for some help.

This is also an easy way to clean your rollers without awkwardly holding your camera while trying to do so.

Keep your rollers clean,


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