August 2011

No. 130

Charlotte... io & Cosimo

Frank Love | 1884 days ago

Italian photographer Maurizio Galimberti shot a brilliant photo story on the PZ 600 Silver Shade Black Frame film.

Charlotte… io & Cosimo

“I do not remember such an exciting b&w film from Polaroid…With Impossible inistant film, it’s a new chapter for instant photography…what a joy…what a joy!! Together with Charlotte we close our eyes and we fly away with her angel Cosimo…we fly away with love… I like to fly… an Impossible dream for my heart…so let it beat”

The limited edition of PZ 600 Silver Shade Black Frame films work with all Polaroid Image/Spectra cameras – get film for your dreams here.

No. 131

Patrick Winfield Composites.

Patrick Tobin, | 1884 days ago

Thursday, August 4th from 6-9pm
Impossible Project Space NYC
425 Broadway
5th Floor
New York NY 10013
Winter Blossoms (Empty Vessel), 2011, Patrick Winfield

The Impossible Project Space NYC is incredibly excited to welcome our long-time collaborator, Patrick Winfield, for his very first solo show on our South Wall. This exhibition is free and open to the public and features Patrick’s composite images created from many individual instant photographs on Impossible and Polaroid films.

Patrick is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work is about accidents and how these flaws become a form of perfection. “I may jam or manipulate the films to play up the surface, the tangibility of the film medium. I create a moment out of several various instances – a walking perspective controlled and pulled in by the structure of the grid, not an instant view, but a clustering of memories and visuals. Each photo is competing with the image as a whole, causing this movement of the eye as it takes in a single image then back to the whole.”

Patrick’s work has been featured in an array of arts and design magazines and blogs and you may have recently seen his work at Urban Outfitters – the result of a 2010 collaboration.

*Here are all of the pertinent exhibition details:
Patrick Winfield Composites
August 4 – September 15, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 4, 6-9pm*

Download the Exhibition Flyer Here

No. 132

The Impossible Workshop Series – Spectra!

Jon Campolo, | 1880 days ago

August 21, 2011
Impossible Project NYC Space
425 Broadway
5th Floor
New York NY 10013

Impossible America is pleased to present the next exciting workshop in our New York Space series.

Sunday August 21st, The Impossible NYC space will hold a 3 hour interactive tutorial on getting the best out of your Polaroid Spectra or 1200 type camera and getting the most out of all the Impossible film range.

After briefly exploring your Spectra camera’s full potential and versatility including unique accessories and attachments, we will then outline all that our new instant film has to offer. From shielding techniques to temperature control to identifying and managing each film types unique characteristics.

We’ll let you loose in the city streets to explore all the photogenic wonders of SOHO, Little Italy and Chinatown with two of our experienced photographers and then re convene back at the space to discuss your images, ask questions and talk about image preservation techniques.

Cost for the workshop is $75. Register today! Call (212) 219-3254 to RSVP or with questions; all major credit cards accepted.

No. 133

An Impossible Reader Photo

Frank Love | 1876 days ago

Every day of 2011, the Los Angeles times is featuring reader-submitted photos of Southern California Moments.

Yesterday, it was a shot of the Los Angeles City Hall on PX 600 Silver Shade UV+ Black Frame Poor Pod film by Toby Hancock.

View Here

Upload your own Southern California Moment here

No. 134


Frank Love | 1875 days ago

Impossible is proud to announce being a partner of the Analoge Photo Gruppe – the biggest and most buzzing German platform for everything about analog instant photography.

We’re looking forward to mix it with our Impossible content and ideas and collaborate in the future!

Pay them a visit here!

No. 135

"Empty Vessel" by Patrick Winfield

Jon Campolo, | 1872 days ago

In conjunction with his opening of Composites at the Impossible Project’s NYC Space, Patrick Winfield designed 23 (only 15 left!) unique copies of his book “Empty Vessel.” Each is numbered by hand, signed, and includes both an original cover image as well as a personal note.

Visit the space to witness his wonderful show, and leave with a copy of “Empty Vessel,” only available at the Impossible Project NYC Space!

No. 136

Yang Hongxun Polagraphy Exhibition

Frank Love | 1862 days ago

ugust 27 - October 27, 2011
kunst.licht Photo Art Gallery
North Ulumuqi Road

Emerging Chinese photographer Yang Hongxun mostly uses instant film for his artistic work. With his recent exhibitions, publications and lectures throughout China he has raised quite some buzz during the last few years.

Impossible is now glad to announce the opening of his next exhibition, INSTANT AGAIN, presenting artworks taken on Impossible film materials.

Yang Hongxun is addicted to the tiny things of our daily lifes, and he manages to re-present them in a most fragile way through his personal photographic work.

INSTANT AGAIN also will show new series of Yang’s work that are taken by the film of The Impossible Project.

Opening Ceremony: 15:00, August 27

Instant Photography Share Lecture:
19:30, August 29

No. 137


Frank Love | 1860 days ago

Franticham are francis from Ireland + antic-ham from Seoul Korea. Together they make artists’ books and mail art, participate frequently to book fairs and publish books under the name of redfoxpress and antic-ham.

We adore their latest publication – FRANTICHAM’S IMPOSSIBLE POLAROID MADNESSACHILL ISLAND, featuring photographs taken in Achill Island, off the West Coast of Ireland, with various SX-70 type Polaroid cameras from the seventies, and using PX 70, 100, 600 and 680 from Impossible.

The limited edition contains 169 hand bound copies, each copy has an original Impossible image on the cover – GET YOUR COPY HERE

No. 138

The Wild Children

Frank Love | 1854 days ago

Together with the radio station OUI FM, Le Klub in Paris hosted the “Stereo Summer Sessions” for the last two summer months.

The night of July 29 saw an amazing Rock & Roll event – “Oui Rock You” – photographers Raul Diaz and Thibault Tourmente captured the Rock & Roll attitude on PZ 680 Color Shade film that night.

The instant work can now be viewed in

The Wild Children