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Impossible's Analog Travelog - Andrew Rose at Yellowstone

Patrick Tobin, | Dec 26, 11:00 AM

Welcome back to Impossible’s Analog Travelog! In this series, we showcase fantastic Impossible photos taken on voyages the world over. This entry comes from Andrew Rose, who recently visited Yellowstone National Park and brought along some Impossible film

My girlfriend and I made our first road trip from California to Yellowstone National Park during the summer of 2010. It was my first time ever visiting the park, and I was amazed by the beauty and incredible power of the natural features. I got caught up with capturing the entirety of the park’s landscape, and I often missed out on just experiencing the park and its features. It was an easy mistake to make with a DSLR in hand, allowing for the capture of hundreds of images in a day. Although I came away with some great images and memories, I couldn’t help but feel like I had not experienced all there was to offer.

In the spring of 2011, I discovered The Impossible Project after my stash of original Polaroid 600 film began to run out. After experiencing the magical qualities of this new film, I soon became addicted and I knew our next road trip would have to be documented on Impossible film for its unique characteristics. We decided to make another trip to Yellowstone in July of 2012.

My girlfriend and I decided to spend a week camping in Yellowstone, exploring all that the park had to offer. With our experience from our previous trip to the park, we felt prepared to take it on as a whole. We wanted to make an expedition out of our vacation: discovering locations we missed before, and delving deeper into sites and features we planned to revisit. We explored all of the geyser basins, the wildlife filled Hayden and Lamar valleys, learned about the history of the park, and went on hikes to brinks of waterfalls and other wonderful places.

Equipped with my Polaroid Impulse QPS, a Frog Tongue, and multiple packs of PX 680 Cool Film, I was more than ready to not only capture beautiful images but memories of our adventures. With a Polaroid camera in hand loaded with a limited amount of film, I took my time in considering my subjects, photographing the events at the height of our adventures, ensuring that each image was filled with memories and shared experiences. Our days were filled with adventures in the park, and our evenings and nights were spent relaxing by a campfire or snug in our sleeping bags reviewing and recounting the day’s events and pictures.

My girlfriend and I are now in the midst of fall, hiding out from the pouring rain and whipping wind. As we flip through our photo album, we are thankful for the tangible memories and cannot wait for our next road trip to Yellowstone.

Thanks to Andrew for taking part in Analog Travelog! To see more of his photography, please visit his Flickr photo stream. You can also follow him on Twitter at @_Andrew_Rose.

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