No. 688

Impossible's Sunday Brunch with Guest Chef Patrick J. Clarke

Patrick Tobin, | Dec 23, 10:00 AM

Photo by Claudia Toloni

Welcome back to Sunday Brunch, our series in which we share lovely photos taken with Impossible film. We decided to mix up the brunch menu a bit by inviting Impossible friends and photographers to guest curate our Sunday Brunch selections.

Our good friend and fantastic photographer Patrick J. Clarke came up with the menu for this week’s “Guest Chef” entry. Please enjoy these savory photos selected by Patrick!

Negative space is something that is very compelling in all art, but the uniqueness of Impossible film is that even in the negative spaces there is texture, content and soul. The images I chose for this Sunday Brunch blew me away with their beauty and textural negative space from all over the world.

Photos for this entry come to us from Claudia Toloni, Agafia P., Eva Flaskas, Matteo Rosso and Dave Tuttle, and were taken with the following film types: PX 70 Cool, PZ 600 UV+, PX 680 Cool and PX 600 Black Frame.

Patrick’s thoughts on each photo…

Claudia Toloni

Claudia’s images are like fairy tales brought to life. This image has a great composition and lighting, but it seems almost unreal with the textures and color.

Agafia P.

I love so much about this shot, but getting blacks in older PX600 was sometimes very tricky and that’s what initially drew me to it. Agascha made great blacks, but she put another element in the background that not only makes the picture, but added another level of complexity.

Eva Flaskas

Night shots have an advantage when you are creating negative space, but there is so many textural things that happen in Eva’s shot of the light beam coming down from the opera house that just wouldn’t happen on any other medium.

Matteo Rosso

I am usually drawn to more asymmetrical layouts, but Matteo’s transition from dark to lights in his picture actually benefit from the duality and spacing. And the wall behind the subject plays a big part in the textual feel of the image.

Dave Tuttle

Dave’s image is more of the classic silhouetted negative space, but high contrast images turn painterly on Impossible film. Perfect lighting adds just enough detail to lead you into the blacks.

Thanks so much to Patrick for taking time to assemble this tasty bunch! Keep shooting, and be sure to submit to the Impossible Gallery and the Impossible Flickr Group! Your Impossible moment may end up in a future edition of Sunday Brunch!

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