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Instant: The Story of Polaroid - Special Edition

Frank Love | Sep 4, 11:47 AM

Besides being an editor at New York magazine Christopher Bonanos is a passionate expert and devotee when it comes to analog instant photography. In his book “Instant: The Story of Polaroid” he tells the story of one of the most innovative and visionary companies that ever was, from the very beginning to the end and the future via the Impossible Project.

The Special Limited Edition contains “Instant” and additionally the booklet “Faces of Polaroid”, introducing some of the key figures mentioned in the book. Christoper Bonanos himself traveled the U.S. to shoot the selection of portraits presented therein, using a Polaroid SX 70 camera and new Impossible instant film. The resulting imagery merges the old with the new and the past with present stories.

The Special Limited Edition is now exclusively available for pre-order in our Online Shop and will also be available in the Impossible Project Spaces New York City, Paris, Vienna and Tokyo starting October 4.

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