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Meet The Pack...

Frank Love, | Nov 12, 11:25 AM

The NYC Impossible Space has just gotten in the coolest set of cameras this side of Vegas. Meet the limited edition “Rat Pack” set of 5 converted Polaroid 110 Roll Film Cameras. Just like the original pack, each camera has its own personality.

SOLD“Frank”-The star of the show, sports a f6.3 Geronar lens with Copal shutter and a 4×5 graflok back with ground glass and a Polaroid 405 back for shooting Type 100 pack film, and you can use any graflok compatible back with an assortment of formats available. ($1250)

SOLD“Dean”-Has a lot of charm with a a Copal shutter upgrade in the front with a f4.7 lens, and the 600SE back system including a Type 100 600SE back and compatible with other 600SE backs. ($995)

SOLD“Sammy”-Class all the way with the original f4.7 lens like the rest of the pack as well as a 600SE back like Dean. ($925)

SOLD“Peter”-Unique flair with original lens, integrated Type 100 back, and f90 pinhole lens cap. ($750)

SOLD“Joey”-Reliable as a lightweight Type 100 pack film camera with an integrated back and the original lens ($750)

Each camera comes with a black with red detail Polaroid Shoulder Bag and a Twin Pack of 664 Black and White Polaroid film.

The Pack was expertly crafted by

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