No. 1162

A Week Of Anniversaries

Lucile Le Doze, | 731 days ago

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we launched our re-designed web shop and introduced a new mobile shop as part of the Impossible Project iOS app. It’s also a year since we introduced our new, easier-to-understand film packaging!

In that time, we’ve taken big steps to improve our films and we’ve produced more new Special and Limited Edition films than ever before. We’ve also developed a new (and still evolving) range of better quality, more affordable accessories and apparel.

Last week, we introduced our new Student Savings Program. It offers everyone enrolled in a school, college, or university a constant saving of 10% off all products they purchase from Impossible online.

We can’t wait to see what the next 12 months bring!

No. 1020

Introducing Impossible Cyanograph for 600

Lucile Le Doze, | 915 days ago

Pre-order Impossible’s very special blue film, now for 600 cameras!

Last month, we released Cyanograph SX-70, a very special, low contrast, monochromatic, cyanotype-like instant film, inspired by the work of the late, great British film director, Derek Jarman.

Cyanograph was never intended for commercial distribution, and produced only in SX-70 format. However, photographers around the world have asked us to produce a faster version for 600 cameras. Despite having only a small amount of the original positive and negative material left, we have managed to produce Cyanograph 600 in a very limited number of packs.

We are offering it ONLY online! You can pre-order it here today at a low price of EUR 15.50 | USD 18 per pack, or EUR 30 | USD 34 for two packs, plus shipping.

Cyanograph 600’s packaging is simple and minimal: all-black, it bears the Impossible logo and a bar-code but no other designation or description. It must be stressed that Cyanograph 600 is an experimental product and its speed (ISO), performance and stability might not be as reliable as current Impossible color or B&W films.

No. 237

FRAIL A Photo Art Book By Lia Saile

Frank Love | 1748 days ago

For Impossible, Lia Sáile is what Ansel Adams was for Polaroid: the in-house photographer. From the beginning of the Impossible era she tested and worked with every single film under development in the factory and integrated the resulting images into her artistic work.

With FRAIL Lia created an expressive photo book, wherein time and its material manifestation through change and transformation as well as the medium analogue instant photography itself are reflected in a manifold way – this and more is carefully woven into the magical poetic imagery by Lia Sáile.

Get FRAIL in the Impossible Book Shop.

FRAIL is also available in a limited Special Edition of 50 unique pieces – click for details!

December 7 saw the Book Release Party of FRAIL at the Impossible Project Space Vienna – join the party via our slideshow.

No. 143

Instant Forever: The Ace Hotel Film Edition

Patrick Tobin, | 1842 days ago

This month, Impossible will partner with Ace Hotel to keep the visceral art of instant analog photography alive for today’s romantics. Every guest room at Ace Hotel New
York will be stocked with a refurbished Polaroid camera and limited edition, custom packs of “Impossible x Ace Hotel” PX 600 Silver Shade instant black & white film in
the mini–bar.

To launch this collaboration, a gallery show called “24 hours at the Ace” will be on view beginning September 12 and going through October 14, featuring works by friends of Ace Hotel and The Impossible Project including Adam Goldberg, Chloe Aftel, Elijah Wood, Pat Sansone and Steve Olson, to name a few.

Sharing a common desire to continue, and yet re-invent, the shared experiences we all hold dear, Ace Hotel and The Impossible Project have teamed up for this unique analog film edition and exhibition.