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Opening of Impossible Corner Store Rome

Frank Love, | Nov 24, 03:56 PM

December 2 + 3, 2011
Impossible Corner Store Rome
Via degli Scipioni 24
00192 Rome

FRIDAY December 2, 7 pm

Official opening + vernissage of the exhibition of Alessandro Imbriaco. Fabio Severo, the curator of the project, and Alessandro will be present. Further guests: photographer Beppe Bolchi, Impossible Vincenzo Auteri, the whole ars-imago staff.
SATURDAY December 3, 10am – 7pm

The new Impossible instant films – Lab with Beppe Bolchi.

Program: – Presentation of Impossible, short story of the rebirth of the instant photography and description of the new films – Explanation of the usage of the new Impossible films – Explanation of the technical characteristics – Workshop on emulsion lift, transparency and manipulations.

There will be two set ups where participants can experiment and try the new films: – one still life and portrait set – lab for testing the artistic techniques

In the afternoon Beppe Bolchi will create a big mosaic of all participants with the magic POLAROID SRL MACRO 5.
The workshops and opening to the two-day event is open and free of charge.

During the opening days ars-imago will offer a discount of 10% on the whole Impossible products and the very first 10 customers will be giving free of charge a Impossible frog tongue.

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