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"Outside The Lines" - A New Exhibition @ NYC Space

Patrick Tobin, | Sep 30, 11:23 PM

When Impossible embarked on its mission to save analog instant photography from extinction, people worldwide thought they’d said farewell to their beloved film and cameras. Thinking “outside the lines,” using new, innovative solutions and materials, Impossible was able to successfully create new instant film.

The Impossible Project challenged 14 outstanding photographers to create images on PX 680 FF Color Shade film expressing their personal interpretation of the phrase, “Outside The Lines”.

The photographers include Adam Goldberg, John Reuter, Brandon Long, Dustin Yager, Chloe Aftel, Andrea Jenkins, Sol Allen, Max Wanger, Benjamin Shuster, Parker Fitzgerald, Rommel Pecson, Toby Hancock, Ritchard Ton and Leah Reich.

Their breathtaking results will be on display at the Impossible Project Space NYC from September 29th, 2011 through January 31st, 2012 at the Impossible Project Space NYC – 425 Broadway, 5th Floor

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