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Remembering Derek Jarman: Impossible's Cyanograph SX-70

Lucile Le Doze, | Feb 19, 07:33 PM

Nina S. on Cyanograph by Impossible Test Lab

Twenty years ago today, on 19th February, 1994, England’s most provocative artist, film director, diarist and gardener, Derek Jarman, died, at the age of 52. Just a year before, he released his last film, Blue: 79 minutes of a single image of saturated blue, over which Jarman and some of his favourite actors, among them Tilda Swinton, talked about Jarman’s life and artistic vision.

The films – like his garden on the shingle of Dungeness – were resolutely and relentlessly anti-nostalgic. He was urgently interested in the here and now; his costume dramas all happen in the present tense. No matter how angry or sad it is, his work is always positive.” (The Guardian – Celebrating Derek Jarman 20 years after his death)

Inspired by his relentlessly uncompromising vision, Impossible has decided to commemorate Jarman’s life with the release of very limited quantity of a monochromatic, low-contrast all-blue film: the Cyanograph SX-70.

This film is produced only in SX-70 format, in a traditional white frame. As it was never intended for commercial distribution, the packaging is simple and minimal: all-black, it bears the Impossible logo and a bar-code but no other designation or description. Once the current stock is sold, this film will not be produced again.

It must be stressed that this is an experimental product and its performance and stability might not be as reliable as current Impossible Color or B&W films.

The film is available ONLY online at a low price of EUR 15.50 | USD 18 | JPY 1,849 per pack, or EUR 30 | USD 34 | JPY 3,490 for two packs on the Impossible Online Store

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  1. any recommendation for the lighten darken wheel?

    said Nuno Cruz | 851 days ago
  2. I wish it was darker…..anyway to make it darker and softer with a filter?


    birgit zartl

    said birgit zartl | 948 days ago