No. 431

The Camera Museum: Polaroid 1200si

Patrick Tobin, | May 19, 01:36 PM

The Polaroid 1200si camera was first released in 2000, with an updated rounded body, as opposed to the square body of the earlier Spectra System cameras. Additionally, it differs from earlier Spectra models in that the film counter counts upward rather than downward and it was designed for compatibility with the foreign-market 12-exposure “1200” film pack.

The Polaroid 1200si features a 3-element 125mm “Quintic” plastic lens, electronic shutter, programmed automatic exposure automatic focus using Polaroid’s Sonar AF system, focus distance indicator in viewfinder which can be set for feet or meters, built-in electronic flash, a built-in self timer and a socket for electronic remote control. The Polaroid 1200si is silver in color, with navy blue trim.

The Polaroid 1200si works with all of Impossible’s PZ films. For a complete selection of compatible films, please click HERE

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