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The Camera Museum: Polaroid Job Pro

Patrick Tobin, | Sep 13, 04:56 PM

The Polaroid Job Pro, first released in 1992, was designed with construction and work sites in mind. It is essentially the same as the One Step Flash and Supercolor cameras, with a sliding close-up lens, but the Job Pro is a bright ‘safety’ yellow, to highlight its suitability for industrial use. A sticker with quick instructions is attached to the back of the camera. Some versions of the Job Pro have the words “The Construction Camera” near the film slot.

The Polaroid Job Pro features a single-element 116mm fixed-focus plastic lens with the sliding close-up lens, Polaroid’s Light Management System, in the form of an exposure compensation switch under the lens and a built-in flash.

The Job Pro is compatible with all of Impossible’s 600-series film, which can be purchased HERE

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