No. 493

The Camera Museum: Polaroid's "The Button"

Patrick Tobin, | Jul 7, 12:00 PM

In the late 1970s, Polaroid began to manufacture plastic-bodied non-folding cameras for their SX-70 film, as an alternative to the more expensive folding SX-70s. Numerous iterations of these “OneSteps” appeared through the early 80s, with slight design variations and features. “The Button” is one of those iterations.

Like the other rigid plastic SX-70 OneStep models, The Button had a single-element plastic lens, fixed focus, electronic shutter, programmed auto exposure and a socket for flashbars or electronic flash attachments. What makes The Button unique is its two-toned grey coloring and stylized “The Button” typeface.

The Button works with any of Impossible’s SX-70 films which can be purchased HERE

To see a user manual for SX-70 box-type cameras like The Button, click HERE and HERE

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  1. but why “the button”? new advertising or was it a limited edition?

    said michael fischer | 1544 days ago