No. 467

The Camera Museum: Polaroid Supercolor 635

Patrick Tobin, | Jun 16, 12:00 PM

The Supercolor 635 was one of many variations in the simple plastic-bodied 600 camera line featuring the Light Management System. Polaroid released so many slightly different iterations in this line of cameras. This particular model has a silver face in place of the more common black face of Supercolors, and contains no sliding close-up lens.

A basic 600-series camera, the Supercolor 635 features a 116mm single-element plastic lens, fixed focus with a minimal focal length of 4 feet, electronic shutter and a built-in electronic flash. It is similar to the Sun 600 series in design, except for the beloved rainbow stripe which would be a characteristic true of the later Supercolor 635 CL edition as well.

The Supercolor 635 works with any of Impossible’s 600-speed film. For a complete selection of compatible films, click HERE

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