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The Camera Museum: Polaroid SX-70 Time Zero AF Model 2

Patrick Tobin, | Jul 28, 12:00 PM

As many consumers had difficulty with the manual focus on their original SX-70s, Polaroid began producing autofocus models in 1978. The Time Zero Autofocus Model 2, introduced in the early 1980s, differed from the 1978 version only in that the body is plastic instead of chrome-plated. It utilized the same advanced sonar technology.
When the shutter button is pressed halfway, a series of ultrasonic chirps is emitted from an electrostatic transducer located under a plate over the lens. These chirps travel to the subject and bounce back to the camera’s receiver, alerting the camera to the subject’s distance, and the lens is turned on a motor to focus accordingly.

The Polaroid Time Zero Autofocus Model 2 features a 4-element 116mm glass lens, manual or autofocus capabilities, with a minimum focal length of 10.4 inches, electronic shutter, programmed automatic exposure and a socket for flashbars or electronic flashes. Another nice feature is a socket for an electrically-actuated remote shutter release.

The Time Zero AF Model 2 works with all of Impossible’s SX-70 films, which can be purchased HERE

To see a user manual for the SX-70 Sonar models, click HERE.

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